AC 0.2.8 Update

So ive went and updated a bunch of little things that needed fixing and such.

Here's a list of things ive changed/updated:

  • new main menu UI
  • Small options menu with the following features:
  •      resolutions, windowed mode, volume
  • Updated character select screen.
  • CPU adjustment
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor character fixes

Next up ill be adding a new character so stay tuned :]


Arcus Chroma Build 29 MB
Aug 01, 2019

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How do I download the most recent update without paying for the game again? I only have the earlier build of the game since May.

The game is great, my first fighting game even, but there is a problem with controls, when both or one player is using  keyboard controls , the up button doesn't work for P2 and the down for P1.