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Arcus Chroma is a Fantasy 2D fighting game with a similar gameplay style to Hyper Hitboxing (my previous game). This game is built around a Juggle combo system and fast paced grounded combat, so no jumping involved.

This game is still in development, not everything works properly yet.

Current features:

  • Versus Mode (Vs player and CPU)
  • Training Mode
  • Offline PvP
  • 4 Playable characters
  • Screen settings and other game options


Planned features (All future updates will be Free):

  • More characters
  • More moves(per character)
  • More stages
  • More color palettes 
  • Character moves-list
  • Tutorial mode
  • Arcade mode
  • Button configuration
  • More training mode options
  • Written story/lore
  • Updated sprites and animations
  • (if the opportunity rises, ill add online multiplayer)

all current animations are rough and will be reworked once the game has 8+ characters

Here are most of the character design i have till now:

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Buy Now8.00€ EUR or more

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Hey! Would you mind explaining a bit more about what you mean by adding online if the opportunity arises? In any case, thanks for making such a fun game.


hey there, what i mean it: i personaly have no knowledge on how to do netcode or anything regarding network play, if i ever find out how or if i can get something to work with the game then ill definetly add it but for now its just a mystery/dream :]  if im correct you can always use "Parsec" which lets you play local multiplayer games online

Thanks, that makes sense. Hopefully someone comes along who knows how to integrate GGPO or something similar!

Should definitely get a community discord up for this game. People can play each other online via Parsec.

just added the link to the page, already had a discord! discord.gg/k3EYJbU thanks for the feedback :D

Hey GxGrainSon. I've recently bought your game and I love the graphics. I watch a lot of fighting games but this is the first one I've played so i was wondering if there was some of move list or list of inputs


i accidentally removed it from the files but i had a notepad set up with all the moves/controls! ill be adding a moves list ingame shortly in the next update!

Looks amazing ! Can't wait to see the future of this game ! Thx a lot for your work !

im glad you like it so far! much more to come in the future :]