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I wanna play the game. 
Give me the link.

For free.


like fr whyu makingmewaste 3 bucks on a mid game


paying this much money for a deadbeat gme that doesnt do much,but fight is retrde

Can this be used to make your own game is it a template & the source code available

this game's music slaps, who made it? did you make it yourself?

Made with GameMaker?

I cant understand stamina system. think will be better to remove it which could make fights faster and more fair, when i fought with my brother i could not even make a punch because he lowered my stamins again and again, do not allowing me to do a single punch But game is very awesome and i love it so it is just my recommendation (sorry for english i am not native)

once the steam release is up (which will also mean this version is updated) ill make sure to add a little tutorial and also balance the game a bit :] thanks for giving the game a try!

wonderful !!, I'll wait for it. thanks for your reply


what are the controls for the menu

in the menu its "I" to select and enter, the controls are for p1 its 'wasd,t,y,u,i,g,h" for p2, its the numbers on the side of your keyboard


YouTube removed and deleted my whole channel and my dedicated event on game reviews is Bull***t

This game is crazy fun, kinda dumb how you gotta look at a text file to figure out the controls though

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Oh man. I got really into boxing recently and've been thinking of a game just like this for a while now. 
I think you did a great job emulating the strategy that goes into the boxing match as well as feel and flow of it. You clearly have a lot of appreciation for the sport and it shows!

One thing I personally couldn't figured out was how to utilise attack and guard cancels. I assumed it was a reversal/combo tool just like roman cancel in guilty gear, but if it is intended use I could never get the correct timing/proper attack to get any value from it. In general I had some moments where I didn't understand what move beats what, and resorted to mashing. Despite each player having a very limited moveset, the game still feels like there is a lot of potential for outplay and skill exprecion, but it's really hard to figure out. Showing the frame data or even having an indepth tutorial can help with giving all the tools to the hands of the player.

P.S. it would be increadibly cool to give some moves an ability to instantly KO (or just deal a bunch of damage and have a special animation) an opponent on certain counter hits (like if your opponent goes for the heavy punch and you respond with an uppercut), that would spice the game up in my opinion, and bring in some strategies, which are also present in a real boxing matches (do you risk it and go for KO or just deal consistent damage with bodyshots and jabs)

So yeah, sorry for a lenghty comment. I just realised you are already working on the next project, but this is still a gem. Would be glad to see it updated at some point but for now I'll stick to maining hitboxer in Arcus Chroma, I guess lol

Please can u changer the controls? i pressed EVERY single key and i cant find the one which acts like ENTER please is it that hard? the txt list doesnt work but the game looks so nice please 


The controls were UNBEARABLY hard to finally understand by myself but after that it felt really good playing!





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in the menu its "I" to select and enter, the controls are for p1 its 'wasd,t,y,u,i,g,h" for p2, its the numbers on the side of your keyboard

Thank you =)


This game's intro music didn't have to be such a vibe. Took me quite a while to realise what each button does so I can configure them to make it much more comfortable to play. I  really do like the system on stamina management while still having sick combos. The hard CPU is definitely difficult which is fun. Really enjoyed it

Link for android please

I like it.

Thanks. We are going to release the full version for free with donation in the near future.


I want a story... even if it's bad, A story would be entertaining 


Does/Will this game have some sort of skill tree? (Strength, speed, vitality, etc) I've been looking for a boxing game for a while now that specifically had a skill tree and from the looks of it, this game would be perfect for it. 


Oh, man. This already feels great! I truly hope you'll turn it into a full game because the mechanics are great so far! Reminds me of that Hajime no Ippo MUGEN game that never saw the light of day. Congrats for the work!

Really great game, has good mechanics. Maybe add a mode that disables the cooldown timer as you usually get trapped in a corner if you run out.

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What are the controls? coz none of the buttons work, no matter what i press except WASD, doesnt respond


Theres a .txt file which explaines the keyboard controls and gamepad controls :]


Shut up man your controls are horrible 



I want to be able to play it, but it seems that it is not 64 bits.



Looks cool but ill never know cause the controls are so bad i cannot figure anything out.


Theres a .txt file which explaines the keyboard controls and gamepad controls :]


Some moves won't come out if you don't have enough stamina to use them. Maybe this was the issue

no its not that im talking about the menu 

In menu you can use W ad S to select an item and I as enter (at least it worked for me). That said playing from keyboard is indeed really unintuitive

aww man this game looks awesome but i hope it will eventually show up on steam cuz i don't have paypal :'(

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Arse, I'd so entirely buy it right now if it weren't for the billing address stuff. I'll look for a way to buy anonymously and come back with my address if I can't.

I'll say this while I'm here though, the high-res semi-transparent hit/blocksparks pop a bit much over the otherwise entirely opaque silhouette aesthetic. What I'd recommend is to make them opaque, but dithered, in the style of Mark of the Wolves.

e: Also, I'm on Linux and I'll be glad to test on that if that's alright with you.

Amazing game! Keep up the good work! I hope it's on Steam eventually!


just bought it. I've been waiting for any type of boxing game for a while now. thanks for scratching my itch.


glad this game could help your itch ^^


Linux support?


i dont have linux to test on so id have to find someone for that. maybe soon

what made a mac exclusive game? I wont question the decision, ill just wait

It's not, but the Windows build is not marked as "Windows". So, the Windows logo does not appear and you cannot install the game in the itch desktop app.

ah, cool

thanks for clearing the issue, sorry for the inconvenience

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I'll buy as soon as the cat gets off my lap so can grab my wallet

Edit: well heck cat finally got off my lap but it turns out you need paypal to pay for it guess I'll die

I can't paypal either :(

i wish had different payment methods :[ sorry guys maybe ill get it on steam someday


most games propose something else (I think it's stripe?); some propose a choice between paypal and Stripe. I have no idea what the logistics are and if it works for you, but maybe you want to look into it? I'd love to be able to buy this here, not on Steam, if possible (I generally avoid Steam).

helll yea

cool :D looks cool


God this game looks greaaat