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Amazing game! Keep up the good work! I hope it's on Steam eventually!

just bought it. I've been waiting for any type of boxing game for a while now. thanks for scratching my itch.

glad this game could help your itch ^^


Linux support?


i dont have linux to test on so id have to find someone for that. maybe soon

what made a mac exclusive game? I wont question the decision, ill just wait

It's not, but the Windows build is not marked as "Windows". So, the Windows logo does not appear and you cannot install the game in the itch desktop app.

ah, cool

thanks for clearing the issue, sorry for the inconvenience

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I'll buy as soon as the cat gets off my lap so can grab my wallet

Edit: well heck cat finally got off my lap but it turns out you need paypal to pay for it guess I'll die

I can't paypal either :(

i wish had different payment methods :[ sorry guys maybe ill get it on steam someday

most games propose something else (I think it's stripe?); some propose a choice between paypal and Stripe. I have no idea what the logistics are and if it works for you, but maybe you want to look into it? I'd love to be able to buy this here, not on Steam, if possible (I generally avoid Steam).

helll yea

cool :D looks cool


God this game looks greaaat